Three Astronomical Miracles to See in the Sky This August

Many times some incidents happen in such a way that after seeing it, we get confused.  Some such incidents are in discussion among the people these days which is going to happen next month in August.

This world created by nature is really full of many mysteries.  Whenever the curtain rises from these mysteries, even scientists are surprised.  Many of these secrets are such that whenever they come to the fore, people are surprised.  The reason for surprise is also clear because people have neither read nor seen about such things.  Some such incidents are going to happen in the month of August.

This Astronomical Event is so unique.  Which happen once in several thousand years.  That’s why we are telling you that you are very lucky who will see the events happening in the month of August this year.

The Three Astronomical Miracles Are:

27 August 2023:Saturn at opposition on August 27th

Three Astronomical Miracles
planet Saturn

On this day we will be able to see the planet Saturn and its rings on the earth with our eyes because on this day the planet Saturn is completely opposite to the Sun and very close to the Earth.  Because of which we will be able to see this planet and its rings comfortably in the sky.  This Astronomical Event is going to be the most rare event till now, which is happening once after several thousand years.

18 August 2023:Zero Shadow Day on August 18th

zero Shadow Day

According to scientists, on this day we will not see the shadow of anything in our India because this day is Zero Shadow Day.  This phenomenon occurs when the Sun comes exactly above our earth.  Due to which the shadow of anything is not formed.  If you are thinking that our shadow completely disappears on this day, then you are wrong.  On this day the rays of the sun fall vertically.  Due to which our shadow is formed exactly under our feet instead of being spread here and there and that is the reason why it is visible to us.

1 August 2023:Supermoon on August 1st


The super moon visible on this day will be very special because its size will be much bigger than other supermoons.  Apart from this, you will be able to see its color easily.  On this day you also see ‘Blue Moon’.  Apart from this, the full moon is bright.  Scientists say that on this day the orbit of the Moon around the Earth is inclined at an angle of about 5 degrees.

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