Sultan Of Delhi Review: Hotstar, Suparn and Milan beat Disney’s name in the competition of hot web series.

  • Movie Review :Sultan of Delhi
  • Artist : Tahir Raj Bhasin, Anjum Sharma, Anupriya Goenka, Mouni Roy, Mehreen Pirzada, Nishant Dahiya and Vinay Pathak.
  • Author : Suparn S Verma and Karan Vyas
  • Director : Milan Luthria and Suparn S Verma
  • The creator : Namit Sharma and Reliance Entertainment
  • Release :13 October 2023
  • Rating : 1/5

The intellectual helplessness of the creative team of Disney Plus Hotstar has once again been reflected in the web series ‘Sultan of Delhi’. Watching the series, one understands that the people making it have never seen old pictures of Delhi, nor have they understood the climate and soil structure around Delhi, nor have they understood the dialect here. How will the art direction department, which cannot even write Hindi properly, understand the India of the time of independence and then 15 years after that…!! And, what is the need to understand it when the bird called Quality Check has already flown from the nest of OTT long ago.

Sultan Of Delhi

Interesting stories of Delhi

It is fashionable these days to make films and web series based on books and no one wants to be left behind in this. But, which book will be suitable is being decided by the series based on the books of Mumbai filmmaker Hussain Zaidi. ‘Sultan of Delhi’ is a ‘Dongri to Mumbai’ type book. Nothing here is like real life. A boy, who lost everything in Lahore during partition, reaches a refugee settlement in Delhi with his father. He commits filmy type crimes to become the messiah of the poor. When he grows up, he again plays film type gambling. He also makes friends with very filmy types. The meaning of writing this filmy again and again is that the people who have written the script of this series have either watched too much of Salim Javed’s cinema or they have no connection with the criminals in their personal life. This deficiency could have been filled by research on crime stories, but since OTT people are not concerned about their brand, the series makers are just getting the projects passed these days. Offering Dakshina and printing the goods and delivering them.

semi porn crime story

Watching the web series ‘Sultan of Delhi’, it seems that its creator Milan Luthria has mixed a ‘dirty picture’ of Delhi in ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’. People have been fascinated by the height and beauty of Anupriya Goenka, who once sold goods by bidding on Star’s shopping channel, but this time instead of becoming dusky Smita Patil, she has assumed the form of dusky Silk Smita and is in full on ‘Dirty Picture’. Is shown. Just yesterday, I was reading Suhasini Mani Ratnam’s statement somewhere that how OTT players are indiscriminately serving semi-porn content to increase their customer base and all the heroines themselves remain in ‘ready on’ mood 24 hours a day. ‘Sultan of Delhi’ is also a series of this category. There is not much in the name of the story. There is just sex, there is Anupriya and there is Mouni Roy.

Fake series of fake dialogues

More than Milan Luthria, the culprit of this web series is Suparn S Verma. The script has been written by him and he also has a stake in the direction. Delhi may have had prosperity in the 60s, but why would anyone go there and smuggle weapons? The tradition of calling the second owner as ‘Seth’ is in Mumbai and Gujarat, not in Delhi and UP. All the notes of this story that reached Etawah are loose. Barring Vinay Pathak, the rest of the cast is so colorful that it reminds one of Vijay Krishna Acharya’s film ‘Thugs of Hindostan’. That too was such a fake film.

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