PAW Patrol Movie Review: Cheating in the name of superhero, only children did not like the film

PAW Patrol Movie Review :

Artist -Mckenna Grace, Taraji P. Henson, Luxton Hand Spiker, Christian Convery, Callum Shoniker, James Marsden and Kristen Bell and others
Author -Cal Brunker
Director – Cal Brunker
The creator -Jennifer Dodge, Laura Clooney and Tony Stevens
Release: 13 October 2023
Rating – 2/5


The film ‘Paw Patrol Movie: The Mighty Movie’ is a Canadian computer-animated superhero action comedy film based on the television series Paw Patrol. A group of puppies (doggies) led by a 10-year-old boy make every effort to rescue any incident that occurs in Adventure City by air, land and water. The group of puppies are depicted as police, firefighters and coast guardsmen. When a meteorite falls on Adventure City, a group of puppies save Adventure City from the meteorite. And, when they take the meteorite to their laboratory for research, they acquire super powers from the miraculous crystals that emerge from it.


PAW Patrol Movie

It is obvious that if someone gets super power then the villain will definitely keep an eye on him. The same story has been shown in this film, the kind of stories which the audience has been watching in films for years. A mad scientist snatches miraculous crystals from puppies and becomes a superwoman herself and uses magnetic powers to pull meteorites to Earth. His aim is to get miraculous crystals from those meteorites, but when those meteorites hit Adventure City, Adventure City will be ruined. How a group of pups save Adventure City by acquiring the miraculous crystal from mad scientist Victoria Vance forms the story of the entire film.

Sky’s Journey from Underdog to Hero

According to the story, there is nothing new in the film that arouses curiosity. A little lesson can be learned for children that one should not consider anyone weak. Often, the one whom we consider weak, becomes a hero in the eyes of the world by doing great deeds. In this film, a puppy named Sky in the group of puppies is shown weak in the beginning of the story. He is not as brave as the other puppies in the group. He has his own past. She is born in a garbage heap during her early days. She was alone and was not adopted by anyone.

PAW Patrol Movie: The Mighty Movie: A Technically Impressive Film with a Disappointing Story

The film ‘Paw Patrol Movie: The Mighty Movie‘ is an animated superhero story that was created keeping children in mind, but this film does not stand anywhere in comparison to so many superhero films that have featured real characters. Before the press screening of this film, a screening was organized for small children and when these children came out after watching the film, looking at the expressions on their faces it seemed that they did not like this film much. The film’s director Cal Brunker has made a technically very good film. A lot of hard work has been done on animation, VFX and special effects. Had the story of the film been a little more interesting, it could have been a better film. Barring a few scenes, there is no such scene which tickles the mind after seeing or hearing it.

PAW Patrol Movie review

The film stars Christian Convery as the voice of Marshall, Luxton Hand Spiker as Rubble, Callum Shoniker as Rocky, Ron Pardo as both Cap’n Turbot and Mayor Humdinger, and Mckenna Grace as Skye. The rest of the characters in the film are voiced by Lil Rel Howery, Serena Williams, James Marsden, Kristen Bell.

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