Margot Robbie Harley Quinn not returning for ‘Barbie’ sequel: Why?

A big news has come out regarding the sequel of the superhit film ‘Barbie’. According to which, actress-producer Margot Robbie Harley Quinn is not expected to be seen in the film.

‘Barbie’ earned a lot of money at the box office all over the world, even after the film was banned in many countries, it is included in the list of the world’s highest-grossing films. But now a shocking news is coming out regarding the sequel of the film. According to the information, there is not much hope about the return of actress-producer Margot Robbie in the film.

According to a report by, the actress has no plans to reprise her lead role in a possible ‘Barbie 2’. According to a new report from, the two-time Oscar nominee is more than happy to let her co-star Ryan Gosling take the lead role in a new film centered around her character, as another project centers around her character. The chances of making a film are very slim.

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn dropped from ‘Barbie’ sequel?

Next Kane film will not be made

A so-called insider told the outlet, “Everyone at the studio is talking about making a Kane movie, while the idea of making another movie based around Margot as Barbie is off the table.” The actress reportedly agreed, as the source explained, “For Margot, it’s all about the story.” “The Barbie movie ends with Margot’s Barbie becoming a real woman,” sources said. There is no need to follow-up on that journey. There’s a lot of scope for Ryan to do a full-blown Kane film that would involve Margot behind the scenes.”

Actress Margot Robbie Harley Quinn cut from the sequel of superhit film 'Barbie
Margot Robbie

Talked about sequel in June

The insider says Greta Gerwig intentionally didn’t build the film’s universe around just one Barbie. Robbie is not expected to return for the sequel, but Warner Bros. bosses could still offer a good amount of money in an attempt to get him back. Let us tell you that Greta Gerwig directed the comedy from a screenplay written with her husband Noah Baumbach. In June, Robbie talked about the possibility of a ‘Barbie’ sequel. He said of making the first film, “I think you fall into a trap if you try to make the first film and also plan a sequel.”

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