Khufiya Review: Vishal Bhardwaj’s cine exile complete, Tabu, Vamika and Ali crowned with charismatic acting

Movie Cast : Khufiya

Artist : Tabu, Vamika Gabbi, Ali Fazal, Ashish Vidyarthi, Atul Kulkarni, Ajmeri Haq, Lalit Parimu, Shataf Figar and Navnindra Bahl.
Author : Rohan Narula and Vishal Bhardwaj
Director : Vishal Bhardwaj
The creator : Vishal Bhardwaj and Rekha Bhardwaj
OTT : Netflix
Rating : 4/5

I have been very angry with Vishal Bhardwaj for a long time. And, that’s because the Raabta created by him with the tune of ‘Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai Pata Chala Hai’ gradually lost its impact in the last 14 years. When Vishal gave the music of the film ‘Maachis’, it seemed that the respect for music, instruments and voices in Hindi cinema has not diminished yet. If we sit down to count even that thing, it will seem as if we are talking about the past. It is also a matter of the past but ‘Khufiya’ is a film of new era, new era and new trend. This is the film of Vishal Bhardwaj whose last film ‘Pataakha’ was released some five years ago. And, it has been 14 years since I wrote anything in praise of any of his films. Meanwhile, people who knew him would say all kinds of things about him. Some expressed condolences for him and some even said that he got Vishal to do this work because he was troubled these days. But, Vishal’s times are going to change again with ‘Khufiya’.

A capable director got an effective story

His film trilogy ‘Maqbool’, ‘Omkara’ and ‘Haider’ based on Shakespeare’s novels are counted among the heritage films of Hindi cinema. When I made a prime time special on Zee News regarding the language of ‘Omkara’, it was considered a reference point for the declining language in Hindi cinema. Cinema is the mirror of the society and when the dust of time starts accumulating on the mirror, sometimes the image is not clearly visible. The story of Vishal not understanding the times started in the year 2011 with ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’. Till ‘Kaminey’ his drum played very powerfully. After this, he did not hurt his fans much in ‘Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola’, ‘Rangoon’ and ‘Patakha’. After watching the film, there was debate for hours on whether Vishal was making mistakes in choosing the stories or whether he himself was making mistakes as a director. Now, if we watch Amar Bhushan’s latest film ‘Khufia’ based on the novel ‘Escape to Nowhere’, then we understand that the first dose of a capable director should be a great story. And, this time also Vishal had missed the first time in choosing this story. Well done to those producers who could not make the film within the stipulated time even after purchasing the rights of this novel.

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and…

When the story came back to Vishal, Irfan was no more. After Irrfan, Tabu has been his strongest support system in Hindi cinema. Tabu has to be appreciated that due to the kind of films she is doing these days, her films are getting good audience. Tabu in a completely new avatar in the film ‘Khufiya’ released on Netflix. The social face of this character is that of a domineering officer and the personal face is that of a woman in whose chest the half-extinguished coals of desires are giving flame and steam is also rising from them. When Krishna Mehra aka KM’s Humraj is killed on a mission in Bangladesh, those who know it remember the time just after the Kargil war when both India and Pakistan were most interested in the elections in this country. But, Uncle Sam was also not less interested in it.

The true story of the agent who went missing in 2004

For lovers of detective novels, the film ‘Khufia’ is the best gift among the films released so far this year. Since the film is a detective story, telling anything about it would spoil the fun of watching the film. But, from whatever is in the trailer of the film, and whatever is publicly available in newspapers, books and social media, any viewer can get an idea of what happened to the RAW agent who suddenly went missing in 2004. ? The way a foreign agency has broken into India’s most prestigious spy agency, and its method for doing so, is astonishing. Vishal, along with Rohan Narula, has written the script perfectly.

Tabu acts like old wine

The real strength of the film ‘Khufiya’ comes from its actors. Tabu is once again on her way. If the character is of her mind, it seems as if she dissolves it and drinks it, and after that the charisma that runs through her veins shines in Tabu’s eyes, in the way she speaks, walks, even in her silence and her mannerisms. It can be expressed in one or two tears falling from the eyes. These days Tabu is moving from film to film. Seeing them is an addiction in itself. It has the effect of old wine.


Vamika, the new gem of Hindi cinema

And, standing in front of him with equal brilliance is a brand new actress Vamika Gabbi. Vamika left her established career in Punjabi cinema to work with Vishal. And, the film ‘Khufiya’ is a bigger reward in his career than ‘Charlie Chopra’ and before that ‘Jubilee’. Daughter of a soldier and wife of a RAW officer. Apart from Vamika Gabbi, it is difficult to imagine any other actress after watching the film, as to what she can do when she crosses all limits to maintain the honor of the tricolor.

Unique acting of Ajmeri and Navnindra

Casting director Gautam Kishanchandani has to be praised here because he has selected the perfect actors for every character of the film. While the arrival of Ashish Vidyarthi gives the first kick to the story, the character of Shataf Figaar remains such a bubble throughout the film that the audience’s attention remains stuck on who will burst it. Lalit Parimu may not be recognizable at first glance, but Atul Kulkarni, who came as a guest artist, leaves his mark in the role of a busy wife and father of a growing son. There are two more actors worth praising in the film. Bangladeshi actress Ajmeri Haq in the role of one octopus and Navninder Bahl in the other. The characters of both form the tent pole of this film. And, when their reality is revealed, the audience is shocked.

This is Ali’s real debut

Apart from Tabu and Vamika Gabbi, Ali Fazal’s name is also included in the lead actors of the film ‘Khufiya’. The kind of acting of Ali Fazal, perhaps he himself never took it seriously because from the beginning he has been a better actor than all the popular actors of the present era. The film for which Vishal Bhardwaj chose her for this role is yet to be released, but after seeing her performance in the film ‘Khufiya’, all those producers who have a special kind of stories in their wishlist will definitely think about her. When it comes, only names like Ayushmann Khurrana, Vicky Kaushal or Varun Dhawan are able to climb. Ali Fazal’s acting range is like that of young Sanjeev Kumar, he just needs some more directors like Vishal Bhardwaj who can squeeze him like sugarcane and make him a slave.

Vishal Bhardwaj’s exile ends

In making the film ‘Khufia’, Vishal Bhardwaj has put in all the hard work that he usually does in each of his films. He is a producer, writer, lyricist, musician and this time a singer too. He has sung couplets of Kabir and Rahim from Rahul Ram. He has given the ragas of Mausam written by Gulzar to Arijit and Sunidhi. Rekha Bhardwaj is his better half and stays with him in every forest. After a long time, Vishal Bhardwaj has also tried to give his hundred percent in every department and after some 14 years, while praising him as a director, I have no hesitation in saying that he has been reborn as a creator. This is the best Hindi film of the year released on Netflix and now no other big Hindi film is coming on this OTT in the remaining three months, so this can easily be given the title of the best Hindi film of the year on this OTT. . It is certain that this film will get some medals whenever this year’s National Film Awards are distributed.

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