Breaking News WWE Main Event results: Apollo Crews vs. Riddick Moss

JD McDonagh vs. Akira Tozawa also took place.

Apollo Crews vs Riddick Moss

Last week’s WWE Headliner was taped at the CFG Bank Field in Baltimore, Maryland, before Monday’s Crude.

Great exhibitions overall around made for a strong show. I figured we would get the Apollo Crews Teams versus JD McDonagh elastic match, yet Groups versus Riddick Moss Greenery was a decent placeholder and Silly Greenery appears to be ancient history as of now. Assuming they did this once more one week from now, that would be fine by me.

D McDonagh crushed Akira Tozawa (5:07)

Yet again this was a fine opener with Tozawa conveying a champion presentation to put over a newcomer.

McDonagh destroyed the house in his triumph over Groups on the 6/29 episode, however this was more similar to a drawn out squash.

The group was not generally so hot here as they were last week and appeared to be perched on their hands for McDonagh’s hostile invasion. They truly possibly woke up when Tozawa started up and began flying all once again the spot.

McDonagh is great in the ring, however his show has serious room for improvement. His entry is a piece disappointing and his music is very conventional. It would be great to see him have a program against a top babyface to give him something to dive into.

They did loads of mat work here with McDonagh tormenting Tozawa and attempting fast pin endeavors. Tozawa handled a hurricanrana and top rope cannonball before he went for the senton. He flew into McDonagh’s knees who quickly jumping all over the opportunity to hit him with Satan Inside for the triumph.

Apollo Crews Groups crushed Riddick Greenery (7:30)

This was a decent coordinate between two resilient people with Groups in the groove again after his misfortune to McDonagh last week

When the chime rang, Greenery flew at Teams and nailed him with a spinebuster. He followed it up with two major lances to the corner. He attempted a third yet ran into a boot and afterward got Groups’ crossbody endeavor, discarding him with a fallaway hammer.

At the point when we returned, they were battling on the top rope and when Groups got the better of Greenery, he hit him with a cross body for a close to fall
t was a lot of close to tumbles from that point on yet the group were most certainly into it. They even got behind Greenery with a serenade regardless of him playing the heel.

Eventually, Teams hit Greenery with two high knees and got the success with a Samoan Drop, however this was a great battle that never looked obvious.

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